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Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development

  • Tiankai Flower Sea

    In this cool season, flowers are blossoming in Tiankai Flower Sea.

  • Restaurants Featuring Fine Scenery

    Following restaurants may offer you a wide range of options: joyful chats with drinks on a cozy terrace, appreciation of the autumn scenery in a Chinese-style courtyard.

  • Ultimate Guide to Baihua Mountain

    Surrounded by mountains and endless peaks, Baihua Mountain boasts superior climate, with warm winter and cool summer.

Beijing 2022 to deliver

Beijing 2022 to deliver "intelligent" Games

Allianz becomes 'insurance services' partner of Beijing 2022

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Allianz announced on Tuesday that the insurer will join the "Worldwide Olympic Partner" (TOP) Program in 2021.

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